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Primary Care Careers


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Working together to champion careers in NHS primary care

Primary Care Careers is an NHS organisation dedicated to supporting, inspiring, and expanding the primary care workforce while championing careers in healthcare.


Working closely with the team at Primary Care Careers, we have forged a strong partnership, earning trust in our technical expertise and supporting their vision to grow as a national organisation. The design and build of the new website has been instrumental in raising brand awareness and promoting healthcare career opportunities within primary care. This resulted in a 68% increase in website users three months after launch.


Seamless UI redesign & platform integration

Client Problem

Primary Care Careers uses a third-party recruitment and applicant tracking platform called Eploy. Recruiters and candidates looking to access the recruitment services provided by Primary Care Careers, would frequently transition between their website and Eploy. The inconsistency in appearance and functionality between the two platforms created a disconnect that led to a disjointed user experience.

Our Solution

To deliver a seamless user experience, the user interface for both the website and Eploy needed to be redesigned. Any design of the Eploy pages needed to work with the structure as provided. As part of our process we created a design system that encompassed visual elements that would fit the requirements of both platforms.


To provide a deeper integration between the two platforms, we also harnessed Eploy’s XML feed to bring up to date vacancies directly onto the website.

Optimising primary care workforce support

Client Problem

Primary care services are integral to the NHS health system and include general practice, pharmacy, dentistry, and optometry services. The sector employs over 150,000 people.  An overwhelming volume of useful information is delivered through multiple online platforms which can make relevant content difficult to find. As part of their mission, Primary Care Careers aims to provide a single destination of resources to support the primary care workforce.

Our Solution

We developed a custom resource library to provide a centralised hub for the Primary Care workforce. The collection of resources is expected to grow over time, so we incorporated filters to drill down by profession or category.


Additionally, we designed dedicated support pages to target specific subject areas, including collections of content, links and third-party resources.

Visual Identity.

  • Biscay
  • HEX1E3765
  • RGB30 55 101
  • CYMK70 46 0 60
  • Pattens Blue
  • RGB221 238 252
  • CYMK12 6 0 1
  • Peach Cream
  • RGB252 241 218
  • CYMK0 4 13 1
  • Lightning Yellow
  • Pizazz
  • HEXFF8C00


Body Text

Creating a friendly and human-centric approach online

Client Problem

Primary Care Careers is widely recognised for its friendly and human-centric approach as an organisation. It was important that website users experienced the same warmth and approachability when engaging with the website as they do when interacting with the organisation offline.

Our Solution

To create a personable touch, we created a customised set of illustrations that were tailored specifically for roles in primary care. A dedicated “Meet the Team” page was also implemented to spotlight individual team members and bios. This introduced a friendly face to the organisation and showcased the expertise available to users. For easy communication with the Primary Care Careers team, we’ve made sure to include a contact form that stays accessible on every page of the website. This allows users to easily reach out for assistance whilst ensuring a smooth browsing experience.

At a glance


Increase in website users three months after launch


Increase in returning users to the website


Number of applications received (2022-23)


What our client told us

I’ve been involved in producing several business websites over the years and working with the team at Vibe Agency was the first time that this process has been a truly enjoyable and exciting one.

Vibe managed to capture our vision and translate this into a highly respected, useable, and professional website. From feasibility and discovery to first day launch and monthly maintenance we’ve been in extremely capable hands. Our partnership with the Vibe team is a valued one that has produced results beyond my expectations.

Primary Care Careers